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Birkenhead United Visit

The Club was the venue for the Birkenhead United Social Team outing prior to the Birkenhead United’s Prize-giving ceremony 17th October. A dozen or so of the team members, more or less managed by Ajmol Ali, participated in a hilarious couple of hours of surprisingly good bowling that was enjoyed by all, including spectators from our membership. Sorry guys, if we had known about the fancy dress requirements we would have made an effort ourselves. Mind you, two items of clothing only does not look that good on some of our members! The noise level had more in keeping with that heard from other sports in Shepherds Park, but that’s OK with us, it is great to see a younger generation enjoying the game as much as we do. We thank Aj and his team-mates for their company and contribution to Club funds and look forward to hosting them again in the future. We hope you all made it back to the Football Club in one piece!

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