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Beach Haven Storms to Victory.....and the Finals

Yes great news everybody, Beach Haven's pennants team won a hard fought match on a lightning fast Milford green on Saturday picking up not just the 6 points we needed to advance to the finals but 8!. It was a great all round effort by the 9 players that represented the club this week. Pam, Eileen and Martin maintained their incredible unbeaten record in the comp, although they gave us a scare when, having stormed into a 9-0 lead, they somehow found themselves 11-10 down at the half way stage stage, however, they refused to buckle under the pressure and in the end got over the line by a single point. Team B were defeated but did exactly what you need to in pennants matches, if you are going to lose do so by as few points as possible so that the club still has a chance to win the overall points score. That is what Mo, Maisie and Rick did, playing what looked suspiciously like a stacked team, they could easily have gone down by a large score but they kept fighting back and in the end a 5 point defeat was unimportant as team C had a comfortable win. Nola and Badger had things under complete control despite the best efforts of their dodgy skip who found some....interesting....... ways to help out the opposition. So we are in the finals guys, yes little old Beach Haven. The finals are to be played next Saturday afternoon and I think we will be at Browns Bay, further details will be circulated once we get them as it would be great to get as many club members to the match as possible.....which reminds me, thank you to Ray Anderson for his support at the weekend and his" gentle" reminders to me as to how many shots I had given away.....very inspiring Ray!! Thanks also for the understanding of members that have not been given a game during the tournament it is really appreciated. All I can say is that the results are great for the club and great for our profile. The long term plan is, of course, to get more members in order that we can place more teams in pennants in future years and give more people opportunities to play. Getting the club recognised as being competitive is all part of the process. So well done to the whole of the Beach Haven club and lets hope that next Saturday we can, at last, pick up that centre certificate!!! Go the Mighty Haven. Cheers Ian

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