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Marie Ray Memorial Plate Tournament

John and Marie Ray were founder members of the Club and the Plate was presented by their family during Marie's tenure as Club Patron. Marie was a lively and engaging person who enjoyed her association with the Club. She passed away in 2012 at the age of 106, a real local character. This event always has strong support from Members and this year was no exception.

A good turnout of Members played this tournament on Saturday 16th January, one of the rare beautiful warm days we have had so far this summer. Due to the numbers of member playing, a mix of Triples and a Four were convened with adjustment made to the number of Bowls to ensure equalities were maintained. A closely fought match saw Ricky Markovina, Ray Anderson & Garry Glenn adjudged as runners-up on Ends Won after a tie on Points with Third. Winners were Martin Hoani, Jean & John Everett skipped by Richard Ponting.


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