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Robbie Rules!!!!

Our Robbie Burns Night continues to draw a good number of members and visitors alike. A semi-serious game of bowls was played out in fine and warm conditions with some players bowling for the first or second time ever. Great effort guys and gals, you are welcome back at any time. The winners for the evening were Eileen Ponting and Doug Laughlin skipped by Rick Markovina

As darkness fell and with all the equipment packed away, the Ceremony began. A fine

Haggis was piped in with a Guard of Honour and a Whisky Bearer by Andrew Wilkie (Piper Extrodinaire), addressed in fine style by the Kilted Wonder, Ian Little, and toasted by all concerned in the appropriate manner. Traditional vegetables accompanied the Haggis courtesy of our great catering team with more than enough to go round.

Andrew then entertained us with some traditional pipe music explaining the significance of the pieces played and their history. Wonderful Stuff!!!

A great evening enjoyed by all, with some of our visitors participating in a Burns Night for the first time. Which all goes to show that it is possible to have some fun and broaden one's life experiences and still keep your kilt on!

Roll on St Patrick's Day.........

The Badger

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