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Landscape Contracts Ltd and Weather Gods Kind

Having almost pushed the "Cancel" button on Saturday evening, our nerves held to be rewarded with an uninterupted (but humid) day of great bowling on Sunday 28th Feb. A substantial turnout from Birkenhead, Glenfield, Northcote and last, but by no means least, Thames Bowling Clubs enjoyed a well fought out result on a well prepared green (despite the previous few day's weather - thanks Morris) followed by an hour or so of great fellowship and humour. Don't let anyone tell you bowls is a dry and dreary game!!!!

We acknowledge the continuing support of our sponsor for the day, Contract Landscapes Ltd, one of our longest serving supporters, whose generosity is very much appreciated. Our thanks also go to all the teams that participated, especially the lads and lasses from Thames who had a very early start on Sunday morning. They did get their rewards however, and left Beach Haven with both raffle prizes. We hope they left the tops on until they got safely home!

After such an enjoyable event the results became secondary, but for the record, first prize was taken by the Birkenhead team of Ra Te Amo and Garry Cooley, skipped by Sandy Cleghorn, followed by the Beach Haven team comprising Mo Pita and Richard Ponting skipped by Ian Little with a Northcote Team of Julie Baker and Betty skipped by Wayne Glogoski in third place. Well done to all concerned.

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