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Ladies & Mens Singles Championship produces some stunning bowling.

This year's Club Singles Championships may not have been the largest field we have ever had, but what it lacked in quantity it certainly made up for in quality. The Round Robins in both Ladies and Mens sections saw only one finalist get through unscathed and resulted in two absorbing finals, especially that of the Ladies with the lead changing hands three times and in the Mens final twice. Such was the quality of the bowling that the watching members were very tense and quiet, an unusual state of affairs at a Beach Haven. However there can only be one winner in each section and this weekend was no exception. So, the Club's congratulations go

to our 2015/16 winners, Eileen Ponting in defeating Maisie Jones in a wonderful Ladies Final and Ian Little claimed his third Mens title by defeating Richard "the nearly man" Ponting who was in his third attempt at the top honours.

Vice-President Doug Laughlan is seen presenting cups to Eileen and Ian following their successful tournaments.

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