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Bowling Club Overrun by Leprechauns!

De Club was subjected to a mass invasion of Leprechauns on Toosday, coomin' from de left, de right und de centre. Dey gaddered into groups and den invaded de green and played bowls fer an hour or so, maken' one hell of a racket, den dey came indoors, ate all the Irish Stoo and drank all the Guiness un' all, un' all (literally!). Gee, dey were toof!

Oi kept tellin' dem St Paddy's day is not till der 17th but dey wern't lisnen', shouten' sumtin bout t'day's as good as any!

Dey even organised de wetter un' all, twas reenin' before dey arrived and den it stopped, un, bless me soul, it started agen when dey left! Ow'd dey do it?

The Executive of the Club would like to point out that indeed they had planned for a St Patrick's Day dinner on the 15th, as we do not open on a Tursday - sorry, Thursday, and that The Badger had got his diary dates wrong - again. Fortunately his cousin, the Badger of Killarney, by chance also a journalist (of sorts), was visitng NZ and agreed to stand in for his host.

We would also like to thank Dils Funeral Services for sponsoring the evening and providing some generous prizes for tour winners.

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