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Easter in Thames - Yes, Thames!


Well, Easter was spent as usual for some of our members at Thames for their Annual Easter Tournament, an excellent 3 day event which finds entrants up against some excellent and experienced bowlers as well as those who enter as an excuse for a very social and enjoyable weekend in a lovely town with a proud history deeply interwoven with that of the entire country's fortunes.

Whilst our bowls did not meet the highest of standards, or even our normal standards, (mainly due to jet lag - well, that's our excuse) the three Beach Haven representative teams had a wonderful weekend thanks to the hospitality of the Jones and Little families and what seemed like the entire membership of the Thames Bowling Club.

The event was well supported by teams from as far away as Hikurangi who filled the two top greens indicating that 128 players attended this year, a great turnout. It was eventually won by a local team one of whose members is the local Mayor. Well played gentlemen.

Great event, great company, all complete with a few headaches, but we won't go into the details!

The Badger

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