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Last Year it was "Oh, So Close". This Year it is "Oh, So Different"!!!!!

Yes, Beach Haven Club has won its first North Harbour Centre Title - that of Champions in Division 1 (Mixed Team) Pennants. Saturday 29th saw us visit Helensville where due to poor weather earlier in the Tournament, we had to play the final two matches in the Round Robin, and needed to win both to progress. This we did (just) and were lined up against Helensville in the Final which was played at Mairangi Bay on Sunday. We fielded a slightly changed team, hastily put together due to the absence of two regular players, that played out of their skins to beat Helensville and take the match. The photo shows the team and its supporters celebrating at Browns Bay following the presentation.

Whilst this success is a significant milestone for the Club, we hope it will be the first of many more similar titles in future as we now know we have a core of players experienced enough to compete at this level. This should raise the confidence of other players to participate and broaden experience right through our membership.

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