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Ian Cowley Memorial Cup Played in Difficult Conditions

Ian Cowley served as President for 4 years and left an indelible mark on the Club culture and humour through his own attitude to life. See our earlier post. Such is our regard for Ian's memory and our continuing association with his wife Ann and her family, and despite the less than ideal conditions, four games of triples were played on Saturday in great spirit to find 3 worthy trustees of the trophy for the next 12 months. As you can see from the accompanying photos the usual club protocols went out the window with regard to the dress code (Ian would have appreciated that) and a variety of personages took to the green in the form of jungle explorers, South American ladies and a pirate (posing as Johnny Depp), to name but a few. Our new President Doug wisely thought it best to keep some semblance of decorum and remained in Club colours.

The eventual winner was a team comprising Anne Woulfe, Ray Anderson & skip Ian (call me Johnny) Little. (The eye patch obviously improved The Pirate's play, maybe he should wear it at all times). Regrettably Anne had to leave before the presentation and our photo shows Ray Anderson (left) accepting the Cup from Ann who was accompanied by her daughter, Sarah, and granddaughter. President Doug keeps a close eye on the skip, Ian Little. Soon after the presentation Johnny Depp made off with Nolina Glennara to show her his treasures - and you, gentle reader, can make of that what you will.

Our thanks go to Ann and Sarah for once more gracing our Club, and also to the newer members who turned out in difficult conditions to honour a Member who they may not have known, but have experienced his legacy at The Haven.

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