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Alexander Plate Competition, A Game of Attrition

Despite a rather low turnout of members, no doubt caused by the unpromising weather in the morning, the Alexander Plate Tournament turned out to be a hard fought match (interwoven with some good humoured sledging) played in slightly damp conditions. However we managed to get the three Round Robin games and a Final in before the weather really closed in.

For those who regularly follow this page and may even be students of form, we can confirm that of the six Club tournaments played so far this year, (Mr) Ray Anderson has now been part of the successful team on no less than five occasions, this time in the company of Karl Glenn. Is this amazing record the result of months of practice indoors during the winter months? Is it due to being consistently drawn with the other best player(s) of the day? Has he been into the steroids? Whatever the reason, we have lined him up for a WADA Test to ensure our sport remains clean (apart for the sledging, of course) and will advise the outcome to all.

(Mr) Ray Anderson (centre) is shown here with Karl Glenn (right), accepting the Alexander Plate from Past President Ian Little, standing in for President Doug Laughlan who is presently recovering from surgery in NS Hospital. Get well soon Dougie, we need some order and decorum around here.

Your scribe apologises for the less than sharp image created by a hyper-active (Mr) Ray Anderson itching to undertake yet another victory lap around the green.

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