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North Harbour v. Thames Valley Inter-Centre Match a huge success!

On Sunday 12th February the Club had the honour of hosting an Inter-Centre Event on behalf of Bowls North Harbour for 1-8 year players comprising both Ladies and Mens teams. Despite an early start for the Thames Valley team members they all arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for an absorbing day of competitive bowling. An excellent turnout of Club members to assist with green preparation, catering and hospitality also had the opportunity to watch bowling of a very high standard played on a green which offered a surface devoid of deviations and other gremlins. Our Green Keeper, Morris Pita, was well pleased with the complimentary nature of comments received from players and officials alike. They were rewards for the amount of time and the very high standard of care he devotes to the green.

Officials from both centres managed their respective teams in a manner such the match was played in the true spirit of friendly competition, adding to the pleasure of both players and spectators, making the day an enjoyable experience for all concerned. Inter-Centre competition is an important part of building an experienced group of senior players capable of feeding the best through to higher honours. Without the constant emphasis of competition at Club and Centre level our international teams would not rank among the best in the world.

Beach Haven Club is pleased to have been able to contribute in a small way to this process.

In a fitting end to the first of what may become a regular fixture between the two centres, Thames Valley won the Ladies’ Section and Bowls North Harbour won the Men’s Section.

Beach Haven Bowling Club is proud to have been seleceted to host this event and looks forward to the opportunity to open the Clubhouse and Green to further such events. It should also be noted that the same facilities are open to the Community at large at many of our regular Open events and we welcome the participation of new bowlers as well as experienced players. Follow us on FaceBook and on or ring us on 09 482 0338 and leave a message. We will return your call ASAP.

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