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An Honour Bestowed on Beach Haven Bowling Club

The Club was honoured by Bowls North Harbour by being asked to host two rounds of the National Interclub Championships being held on the Shore 3rd/5th March. This is regarded by all our members as a tribute to the amount of work our Green Keeper, Morris Pita, has put into nurturing our green to the point where it is arguably one of the best of its type on the Shore. (It has been rumoured he visits the Club over-night to sit and talk to it!)

The Club hosted four ladies teams from Alexandra, Blenheim, Palmerston North and Auckland, each representing their respective regional organizations, who were competing in a Combination of Fours, Pairs and Singles competition for the top New Zealand Club. The day was fine and warm with sufficient breeze to keep the temperature and humidity to reasonable levels, making for a great day to enjoy a game of bowls either as a player or a spectator.

Your humble scribe witnessed some very close games and exceptional skills, as one would expect of representative bowlers and was also impressed by the competitive but friendly spirit in which the matches were played. Beach Haven BC is widely known for its friendly atmosphere and today’s visitors certainly greatly enhanced our reputation in this regard. The team from Alexandra was the last team to leave and was given a typical Beach Haven send-off at the gate, full of fun and laughter.

As it happened Alexandra topped the day’s play and progress to tomorrow’s final rounds in a strong position. We wish them, and all the other teams, all the best for Sunday and we will follow their progress with great interest.

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