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Trying Triples Trophy 18th March 2017

Following on from a weekend of wild storms, the weather Gods were smiling on Beach Haven (and maybe other places as well) As the club Men's Triples were played at Beach Haven Bowling Club on Saturday 18 March.

Four teams entered and played a round robin to select the two top teams to go through to play for the trophy, but more importantly, club bragging rights. The first three rounds were played interrupted only by lunch where eating took second place to trash talk.

Despite a spirited performance from some of the club's newer members, the more experienced teams ended up in the final - Ian, Rick and Martin versus Roy, Mo and Karl.

A match between such club heavyweights was never going to be one-sided, it got so tense that even the spectators felt the need to look away. After the prescribed 15 ends the game was tied at 15 all, after a sudden death 16th end ian, Rick and Martin took the match 16-15, it doesn't get any closer.

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