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Mens 4s Club Champs Saga

To say that finalising this year’s Mens 4s Club Championship has been a saga is to totally underestimate the matter. After at least four attempts were postponed due to either weather, travel commitments of those involved, or representative duty of some team members in other Centre events, the final was (finally?) played Sunday 30th just in time to make the deadline for registration of the winning team with Bowls North Harbour Centre of Monday 1st May.

Due to the above detailed circumstances the Match Committee had no alternative but to convene the match at very short notice and a small but absorbed group of spectators (actually it comprised Martin Hoani and The Badger) sat in bright sunshine and watched a very close game that was only decided on the last end. The Club's congratulations go to Rick Markovina, Karl Glenn, Morris Pita and Skip, Roy Parker on their win.

Our main photo shows the winners (excluding Morris Pita who had to make an early departure) enjoying the moment. Our second photo is of Ian Little waiting for the presentation of a Cup to the Skip of the Runners-up. The Badger has been advised he is still there, waiting………

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