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Bone of Contention 2017.

Well, the Match certainly lived up to expectations in all respects, including the turnout from our members and the weather, and a lot of fun was had by all. Our President Doug introduced newcomers to the protocols of the day bringing (initially anyway) a balanced and seemly start to proceedings, but then made an impassioned call to arms to the Immigrant Team to defend their title against the Natives and retain Bragging Rights on the issue for another year. His address, delivered in his native Glaswegian brogue, was unintelligible to most present (which was probably just as well) but there was no mistaking its intent from his body language and gesticulations - think a Tartan Haka. This started the trouble but fortunately no lives were lost, although the Captains of the two sides had to be dragged apart even before the first bowl had been delivered. It is believed that it was the announcement of the opening of the bar that stopped the fisticuffs.

Our Scorer, Carole, was charged with monitoring the cumulative progress from each of the three games and it was clear from early on that it was going to be a struggle for the defending Immigrant Team to maintain their domination of this most important Trophy. Each recorded point for the teams was audibly announced with a ring of the Bell (for the Natives) or the grunt of a Pink Pig for Immigrants. Later in the day the sounds of the Bell started to dominate the grunts of the Pig, which eventually diminished its cry to a hoarse squeak. Please note that no animals were actually harmed during this match and the Pig was fed, watered and safely returned to its paddock later in the day.

The pendulum had swung back and forth during the first two rounds but the early trend inexorably continued and this indeed proved to finally be the case when the Natives won the day (and the Bragging Rights) 54:39. It is hoped that the previously restrained use of Bragging Rights exhibited by the Immigrants - as is the true form of “Noblesse Oblige” - is echoed in the future behaviour of the victorious Natives, we don’t need any more blood and bone on the green.

Our images show significant events of the day including the assembled protagonists in their National Colours, the thunderous exhortations of the President to the Immigrant team, the dust-up between the team Captains and their behaviour after the bar had opened, and the Presentation of the Bone of Contention to the Natives Captain, Rick Markovina. Oh, and yes, the presentation of the runner’s up Trophy to Ian Little. It was presented in an effort to avoid another meltdown after he was runner-up last week. Wipe the smile Ian, it’s the Loser’s Trophy!

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