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Another Brilliant day at the Mighty Haven!

There are few greater pleasures for a host Bowls Club than to have a combination of a comfortably full green, good fellowship, a lot of banter, good bowls and brilliant sunshine. Today - we had the lot, and in spades. To top it off we had a generous sponsor for today’s Tournament in the good folks from the Bert Sutcliffe Retirement Villlage at Verans Corner. Beach Haven Bowls Club extends its thanks to teams from Birkenhead, Northcote, Sunnybrae and Glenfield Clubs for their support for this midweek match and of course, Rosalind Heyhoe and her team from Bert Sutcliffe. They certainly came to the party, quite literally.

After such a day we ask the question again, why is Bowls generally regarded as a dry and dusty game played solely by elderly gentlemen in white flannels? Anybody within 400m of The Haven would have been fully aware there was something going on at the bottom of Cresta Ave from the pleasant sounds of nearly fifty bowlers having a great time. If you are still doubtful about the demographic, check out the ages of the top international players and a few world champions, there are many in their 20s. It is truly a game for all ages.

Give us a ring on 482 0338 or visit and join in the fun.

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