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Mens Open Singles Championship

Saturday's Mens Singles Championship was one of those days where anything could, and a lot did, happen. Firstly, we had a few close calls for some of the more the favoured players in the qualifying rounds indicating our general standard of bowling is improving every year and secondly, due to the careful management by the Match Convenors, we progressed through the programme smoothly and finished slightly ahead of expectation. The upshot was that on a very warm and pleasant afternoon we found our Mens Single Champion for 2017/18 Season.

In the images below the story goes like this:-

"No, Mo I am not going to let you have it!"

"OK, I'll think about it!"

"Oh, all right then, You can have it!"

Morris Pita & The Tanner Cup.

It is worth noting that Ian Little, our Club Captain, was as magnanimous as ever, (tempered by the fact that he was the runner-up for this season) and Morris Pita took the day with a stunning display of bowling in the final. No driving, few run shots, just honest and accurate draw bowling, it was a pleasure to watch. Congratulations Mo, some measure of reward for all the hard work you put in on the green.

Also, well done to all who played on the day - good fun, good fellowship and good bowling, a magic combination. The thanks of the President and Members of the Club go to those who contributed to the running the day both inside and outside the Clubhouse. The Club would not function without you.

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