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Strangely Dressed Little People in the 'hood!

For those who missed it, Beach Haven was the site of an invasion of some of Santa’s Little Helpers on Tuesday night. Appeared from nowhere, they did! They had been given the evening off by Santa and decided a social evening of bowls was a good plan to ward off the stresses of wrapping parcels and feeding reindeer. And boy, did they party!! Fortunately the Catering Department was alert to the situation and coped well with the sudden influx of brightly dressed little people and a good time was had by all. Then all of a sudden they were up and gone, the sleigh leaving skid marks on the roof and the reindeer leaving their traces behind them. (Our green-keeper says it will hose off OK so no damage done).

All we hope is that Santa did not go looking for the sleigh while they were here, apparently he doesn’t approve of joyriders.

The President thanks all who helped manage the situation in the Catering Department and those who helped with other duties to ensure the Club’s reputation for hospitality was not damaged. Also a big thanks to Morris who once again demonstrated his devotion to duty by spraying the green later in the evening, his comment being “You never know what those reindeer could leave behind them!”

Seasonal Greeting to all our readers, have safe and happy times with family & friends.

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