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A Great Day Out for the President!

Your President, together with Julie Baker (Northcote) and Kathy Brown (Milford) - both of whom played outstandingly well - had the pleasure of lifting First Prize at Northcote on Wednesday 10th Jan. Somehow or another, Gerard Van Tilborg and his team had their greens back in working order following the flooding over the weekend, and although not perfect, 20 teams were provided with satisfactory playing surfaces. A great effort by all concerned. The weather helped and fellowship among the various Clubs represented was, as usual, outstanding. What a great way to spend a Wednesday! Also somehow or another, your President managed to lift his game to the level of those around him, and the composite team pulled off the only 4 wins of the day - some by largish margins. His extensive (and somewhat repetitious) report to the Gentlemen of the Press following their win included references to Blue Moons and Flying Pigs! Thanks were extended to Northcote Club for their diligence and hospitality under fire and to New World, BIrkenhead, for their generous sponsorship.

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