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Publication Apology!!

The Badger humbly apologises for the delay in publishing the following report on our first Tuesday Twilight for the year held on 9th January. It has already been bought to the attention of the President by a certain individual as being a slight on the Skip concerned and his team. This was certainly not intended – not for for his team, anyway – and we now make good on the omission of this (quote from the individual) “momentous event in the Club history”.

Our first Twilight of the year on Tuesday 9th January drew a surprisingly good field considering the time of year, and was played under fine and warm conditions, a considerable contrast to those prevailing late last week. The green has escaped any serious damage from the storm, although it was covered in debris from the surrounding trees and shrubs. The clean-up occupied three or four members for some considerable time on Sunday. Well done guys.

The evening resulted in a very close finish where only one point separated the winners from the runners-up, Jason Blackmore and Gareth Towler - aaaahhhh! So, in order to keep the individual referred to above quiet, we announce that the winners on the night were Judy Withers and Eileen Ponting. Well done Ladies!!!!!! Oh, and the third member of the team was Club Captain (El Capitano) Mr Ian Little. The Badger is advised by a close and reliable source that, in fact, El Capitano did have some influence on the outcome in that his presence prevented them from winning by a larger margin. You may think that this is reasonable but The Badger cannot possibly comment.

It is, however, worth mentioning (I suppose) that the team of Eileen, Judy and El Capitano have an unblemished record for 2018 and (according to the above mentioned complainant) this should be duly noted in the history of the season if not in the history of the Club.

Best wishes for 2018 to all from The Badger, and please remember that when aiding and abetting The Badger in reporting on our match results, never let the facts get in the way of a good story!

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