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A Cold Start but a Warm Finish!

A bitterly cold and windy start to the day The Beach Haven Badgers managed another strong showing in the Mixed Division 1 by taking the points in their Match against Sunnybrae. Your intrepid reporter was dressed more for skiing than bowling, but managed to scratch out a few notes on the iceblock that started out as a notepad. Fortunately the conditions slowly improved as the clouds cleared and the wind slowly abated.

As in the previous two matches it was a full Badgers Team effort (after a shakey start) with a handsome win for Team 2 (Garry Banks, Eileen Ponting & Richard Ponting) more than compensating for a close win and a struggle for Teams 1 & 3 respectively. As the three rounds played so far have all been on away greens of various types of surfaces they have offered plenty of experience to our Junior players and kept our senior players on their toes. The schedule shows The Badgers with only one more away game with four home games and a Bye to come.

Our Kits Team in the Mixed Division 2 comprises a number of Junior players amongst some Senior players and found the conditions difficult. However the slow improvement in their results is encouraging and the experience they are gaining bodes well for the future of the Junior Section and for the Club. Every player that has ever taken up bowls has started from the same place, and it is certain that they will achieve some success in the rounds to come.

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