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Some Things You Just Have to Take on the Chin!

Regrettably neither of our Pennants teams covered themselves in glory this weekend. Sat 27th dawned beautifully fine and clear with just a gentle breeze wafting over a beautifully prepared green that played as well as it looked. It was a diem that was just crying out to be carpe-ed. (Sorry!)

Unfortunately both the Badgers and Kits could not quite seize it sufficiently well to take the honours despite a fine win by Pam, Mo & Roy in Team 1, and were beaten by Glenfield and Mairangi Bay respectively. Well done to both Glenfield and Mairangi Bay Clubs, you were too good on the day.

Most of the players from both Badgers and Kits teams repaired to The Haven to collectively lick wounds and drown sorrows in the usual fashion. However, judging from the ensuing noise and banter going on a stranger might well have assumed that both teams had won handsomely - which just goes to show the spirit of the Club, never down for long. A Roll-Up was soon in progress and normality reigned once more!

Both Badgers and Kits are at Home next week hosting Helensville and Takapuna and as we are not even halfway through the competition, a lot can happen yet.

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