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Inaugural Mixed Triples Club Trophy - a great start to 2019.

For quite possibly the first time, the Club held a Mixed Triples Championship which, like many new Mixed events at Club and Centre level, has proved to be a very successful venture. Six teams played a Round Robin with the intention of the two top teams playing a final. As it happened the two top teams after Round Four met in the fifth round, which due to the hot weather conditions, was deemed to be the final.

There were several close finishes in the earlier rounds but the final proved to be the closest with a tied score going into the last end. After a superb lead's shot saw the jack closely trailed (to go 1:0 up) the shot bowl was then dislodged by a short front bowl being struck by Skip No.2 resulting in a hold change. Skip No 1's last bowl all but reversed the process - but not quite, and the final score was a win by one shot after a total of 40 ends of bowling. They don't get any closer than that!

For the record, Match Convenor Rick Markovina presented the Trophy to the first(?) mixed Triples Club Champions, Mandy & Ian Little with Doug Laughlan. The runners up were Eileen & Richard Ponting with John Everett. Well played both teams, it was an intriguing and dramatic final - great entertainment for the gallery.

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