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CLL Tournament A Huge Success

All the elements combined perfectly for the most valuable Event on our calendar, the CLL (Landscape Services) Tournament, on the 17th Feb. The weather continued to be kind, a full green of eight rinks were filled by players from five visiting Clubs (including two teams from Thames BC) and it took some high quality bowling to be placed in the winner's circle. These important ingredients were spiced with good fellowship and more than a little sprinkling of that very special brand of humour associated with bowlers and bowling. What a great day!

Our Podium teams reflected the now very apparent trend that bowling is becoming a younger person's game. Without wishing to give away sensitive information, the three top teams were placed in what is probably the reverse order of their average ages. This is great news for the Club and most of all for the sport, which is now clearly not the sole domain of our more senior citizens.

For the record, third place went to Roy Parker, Sandy Cleghorn and Gary Wallace, second were Garry Banks, David Payne and Neil Buckner, and our winners were Jason Blackmore, Karl Glenn and Gareth Towler. Well done “The Young Guns”, it was a magnificent win.

The Club's sincere thanks go to Terry Donnelly at CLL for their support for the day and also to the BHBC members who put in the time required to publicize the Event or turned out in a support role to run the club facilities during the day. None of the above would have happened without you.

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