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The Show MUST Go On.........

Despite the very inclement conditions earlier in the day the show went on as shown here by the two opposing leads sharing an umbrella - a sign that sportsmanship is alive and well in Beach Haven. The visuals are great, but the sound track is not available - which is probably just as well!

Our Womens and Mens Pairs Championships were played on Saturday under early grey skies but persistence paid off and the afternoon sessions for the Semis and Finals were blessed with fine and warm conditions. A good humoured and noisy gallery watched proceedings from the shelter of the deck offering guidance to all on the green in the time-honoured tradition of bowlers, most of which was very amusing.

The Podium positions finally went to Mandy Little and Bernadette Hoani for the Women and to (Capitano) Ian Little and Rick Markovina for the Men, who recovered from a dropped game in the early rounds. Modesty prevents El Presidente from identifying those spoiling their 100% record!

A Great Day Out exemplifying all that is good about the Sport of Lawn Bowls.Good Bowling!

The Badger Press & Publicity Officer

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