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Blows Pins & Pattenden Trophy -Two Great Competitions

How much longer will this glorious season last?!! The only difference between this week and the superb conditions we had last weekend was that there was NO WIND AT ALL and the Green was playing even better – Morris Pita, you are A STAR!!!

Two concurrent Pairs competitions were played, the Blows Lapel Pins for Leads and Twos, and the Pattendon Trophy for Threes and Skips. Both these trophies were donated by past Members of the Club and are regular milestones in our annual calendar. This years’s celebration drew a good turnout despite some members being on Centre Event duties and whilst the competition produced some excellent bowling skills, the atmosphere was of a distinctly Haven nature, with plenty of banter and humour.

The competition on the Green was followed by an hour or two of good fellowship where the bowls ran even better with every re-telling of the matches played. An eavesdropper could be forgiven for assuming we had exponents of international standard on the day. We are good, but not that good!!!

Both Competitions produced some close finishes so we had two “Ahhhh” teams to console with the usual comments and these were Garry Glenn & Doug Laughlan in the Blows Pins and John Everett & Richard Ponting in the Pattendon (Second again, Ponting – not good enough!). Zelda Sullivan and Sandra Hilson took out the Blows Pins title with Jimmy Dunn & Dan Markovina taking the Pattendon Trophy Honours with three wins out of three games.

Just another great day at The Haven.

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