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Cowley-Holmes Memorial Cup & Trophy

Yet another fine Saturday on which to enjoy our sport and also remember two much loved Club Members who both contributed their DNA in the culture of The Mighty Haven. Ian Cowley, President 2004/08, bought the word “Fun” to our bowls lexicon in a big way, and would have thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s proceedings in Team “Colours” complete with the banter that goes with such an event.

Stuart Holmes (1972-2011), or “Stu” as he was known by us all, was a talented sportsman who played hard, but played fair and was always the first to hand out bouquets (or brickbats) to friends or foe alike. He was also a great champion to new players to our sport. A very likeable burst of sunshine at all times, regardless of the situation and sadly taken far too early in life.

These two events are usually played separately, but as our programme has been telescoped by several events beyond our control, it was thought appropriate to play them concurrently, with the result that both Trophies were awarded on the day.

We witnessed some excellent play on our rapidly improving green and the results clearly reflected how close the overall scores were. The Runners-Up in the Ian Cowley Cup were The Pirates (Jimmy Dunn and Richard & Eileen Ponting) with the winners being The Mighty Guerillas (Richard Vernall and Dan & Rick Markovina). This raised the question, “How many more times are you going to finish Second, Mr President?”. Unfortunately and for reasons of good taste, your scribe cannot publish the President’s response.

The new holders of the Stu Holmes Memorial Trophy are the highest ranked team with a non-registered player and this year it was in the form of The Scarfies, (Doug Laughlan, Bill Briton, Gloria Markovina & Anne Woulfe. After some negotiation, they were dissuaded from burning the Club's one and only sofa in celebration!

Well played to all participants, it was a great event and lived up to all the history behind it.

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