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Winter Cup a Great Experience for all Players

Hi Everybody,

Well, the winter Cup is over. Not a lot of success for our teams with just below 50% success rate. We went out to play with the will to win and to be competitive - which we were. Most of the games were close and some were cliff-hangers. Everybody played to the best of their ability which is what it’s all about.

The Beach Haven team was a stable team with only two changes over the four weeks. Jim stood down on week two to allow Daniel to play, and a most welcome new member to the club, Ian Garthwaite, (better known to all as Squeak) came into the team on the final week when Mo pulled out.

From all reports Squeak played pretty well considering he has not played for 18 months and after a hip op.

Rick, Jim, Merv and Mo were the backbone of the team.

The Beach Haven Shepherds team was a little bit more unstable which was good because junior bowlers came into the team for experience. Dave Hilson played the first week and Gareth Towler the second. Both played very well and showed they have a talent for the game.

Brian Nolan, another new member to the club, came in for weeks two, three and four. Brian is another valuable asset to the club and hopefully we will see more of him around the club.

Dave Hilson was in for week four but with the passing of Howard was unable to play. Your chance will come Dave!

Roy, Steve and Richard were the backbone of the team. Again we did not disgrace ourselves and we finished mid field in both sections.

The overall winners were the Birkenhead team skipped by Lionel Drew and our congratulations go to them.

As long as all the stars lineup across the heaven we will do it all again next year.


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