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Alexander Plate - With a Welcome Guest!

SPRUNG!! The Olde Gentleman we are all waiting for has been seen starting a spell of MIQ in the tranquil surroundings that is Beach Haven Bowling Club - until the Members arrive!

With a day to spare he settled in Friday 10th in time to witness (with Appropriate Social Distancing) us playing on Sat for the Alexander Plate in glorious sunshine on our ever-improving green.

Once again play was of a high standard, with the match going down to the wire, decided only by the last bowl of the final end between the two finalists - what a finish! It was also pleasing to note that many our newer members were among those deserving a pat on the back for their efforts on the day, indicating our representative teams have a bright future.

The two leading teams in the last round comprised Eileen Ponting with father & son Karl (Skip) & Garry Glenn playing Dave Hilson, Garry Denley and skip, President Roy Parker with Roy taking the honours in that oh-so close finish.


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