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Blows Pins & Pattenden Trophy

It might not have been the biggest turnout of Members we ever have had - causing a re-jigging of the usual format - but the quality was certainly there, a fact that became more and more evident as the day progressed. With the exception of two comfortable wins, the remainder of the games played were extremely close, often decided by only one or two points. This included both finals, to the extent that the Pattenden Trophy final was decided on an extra end following a draw after the allotted ends.

The eventual finalists in the Trophy section were Eileen Ponting/Rick Markovina and Nola Glenn/Richard Vernall with Nola & Richard V. taking it out in the extra end. Finalists in the Blows Pins were John Everett/Richard Ponting and Garry Glenn/Jimmy Dunn, the deciding margin being just one point.

One of the other major factors contributing to our enjoyment of the day was the performance of our green which, by any standards, played beautifully with no hidden demons or surprises. Our thanks go the Brendon Kelly and Mo Pita for their work over the past few months. The other major factors were the warm and calm conditions, giving us all (hopefully) a taste of the summer to come.

The day came to its usual close with Members enjoying some cold beverages, some Haven Humour - including more than a few tall stories - sitting in the sunshine on the deck. What a great way to spend time with good friends and enjoying good exercise in the fresh air.

The Badger

Communications Officer (First Class)


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