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Club Singles Spring Some Surprises

Before we go any further it should be clarified that our Singles Weekend refers to the Club Open Championship Singles Bowling Events, we don’t want any misunderstanding of the proceedings!

On Saturday, in fine & sunny conditions, we played the Preliminary Rounds and semi-finals of the Mens Section (with the help of our ladies marking for the games) and on Sunday the Ladies played out Preliminary Rounds to find their finalists, with the Men doing the Marking. Both Finals were played on Sunday afternoon, again all under beautifully fine summer conditions.

As would be expected, the opportunity for members to have their names posted permanently on the Club Honours Board brought out a raised level of skill from all players including some of our less experienced Junior Members. This was underlined by Ian Davis, and Junior Member of barely 12 months, graduating to the semi-finals, a fine effort indeed and well deserved.

The draw for the Mens semi-finals pitted Ian Little against Roy Parker and Ian Davis against Richard Ponting, with Mandy Little and Eileen Ponting taking the Finalists spots for the ladies. As you can see there was a potential for an unusual set of circumstances with a Little and a Ponting in both finals, and guess what, that was indeed the case, with Mandy and Eileen in the Ladies Final and Ian and Richard in the Mens Final. However, the coincidences did not end there as both finals ended with the same score of 21:16 with Ian Little and Eileen Ponting taking out their respective trophies. Well played to both sets of finalists in producing some superb bowling, especially to Eileen and Ian for succeeding under very warm and tiring conditions.

To say the least it was one of our most memorable weekends and was enjoyed immensely by all concerned - not only for the great matches we witnessed but also for the fun and socialising after the games (for which we are renowned) which is the mark of a welcoming and friendly Club.

New Members are always welcome, you don’t need to have experience or equipment, just bring a smile and we can provide all the rest.

See our Website for details.

Regards & Good Bowling,

The Badger

Communications Officer


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