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First Day of the Season and what a Stunner for the Baker Eady Trophy!!

The first day on our refurbished green and the first day of the 20/21 Season at The Mighty Haven provided us with great weather and a good turnout from our Membership. This was all spiced up with typical Haven Humour, and, as is the nature of the sport, some surprising results – some good and some less good!

The Trophy, provided by Julie Baker & Gwen Eady, both past members and officers of the Club, is traditionally the first of our competitions and is a played in a format which gives each team member an opportunity to play in all positions throughout the course of the day.

Considering it was the first time in use, our refurbished green rapidly improved during the morning with a combination of bright sunshine and the passage of players to and fro, so by the afternoon it was very playable. We look forward further matches on what will no doubt rapidly become an excellent surface. The final result also reflected the trueness of the green in that the two top teams were separated by only by one end over the four games played. The Runners-Up were Gary Glenn and Brian Nolan skipped by Roy Parker and the 2020 Trophy holders are Gloria Markovina and Richard Vernal skipped by Club Captain, Ian Little. In the true Haven tradition, the afternoon was capped off by an hour or two relaxing in the sunshine celebrating bowling being the overall winner. What a great day!! If you would like to sample the Haven Hospitality, we have an Open Afternoon for new players next Saturday, 24th October, starting at 1pm - absolute beginners welcome. The Badger Communications Officer


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