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Ian Cowley Cup Day would have been appreciated by the Man Himself

The Legendary Ian Cowley - Past President 04/08 - would have applauded the Motley Crew that turned out on Saturday to play a game of bowls. As a serious supporter of Fun Bowling, his presence was felt all around the Club and had he still been with us we are sure Ian would have been at the front, outrageously decked out and ensuring everyone had a day to remember - and that we surely did.

A barbecued Christmas Breakfast starting with bubbles and finishing with toast and coffee launched the day nicely. Following a 9.45 Start of Play, the pace kept up well into the afternoon when the promise of a late lunch and shelter from the sun finally bought us in to the Clubhouse to slake thirsts and tell tall stories in the Haven fashion. They were more or less based the day’s events!

Our green continues to respond well to the care and attention it is receiving from Brendon and Mo and despite a lively cross-breeze provided an excellent surface for what was (most of the time!) good quality bowling.

After another great day drew to a close and results were checked we found that again we had a close finish, this time between Team Batman (c/w with Robin and Super Woman) and the Highwaymen - who took the honours. Such was the effectiveness of the disguises being used it was some while before your scribe managed to identify the team members as follows:- Team Batman comprised Bill Briton, Ian Little and Gloria Markovina and The Highwaymen led by Terry Henshaw comprised Mark Jakich and Dan Markovina. Well done guys, you entertained the troops with verve and aplomb. You go and look it up.......

Apart from one more Tuesday Twilight, this was our last major event of the year and the Club and its Members thank our Sponsors, Supporters, Suppliers and our Facebook Followers and wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021.

It has got to be better than 2020!

Regards to you All

The Badger

Communications Officer


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