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Ian Cowley Memorial Cup Funday

Great to have a good turnout of, to say the least, a good number of oddly attired members to pay their respects to Ian Cowley - one the most, if not the most, well-respected Presidents the Club has ever had. Always enjoying fun times at the Club, Ian would have thoroughly appreciated the dress code of the day.

Every Club needs good leadership and Ian was one of the best. It was great therefore to have quite a few of our newer member attending in order experience the honouring of Ian and his legacy at the Club and all the hard work he put in behind the scenes to keep the Club going through some difficult times. His efforts in establishing a unique Club culture have now born fruit with the result that in the last ten years or so we have seen good growth in our membership and substantial improvements to the Club facilities.

Once again, Haven Humour was evident in large quantities on the day, buoyed no doubt by the beautiful weather, gentle breeze and the quality of the green. Once again, our thanks go to Brendon Kelly and Mo Pita for their careful preparation of what is probably one of the best greens on the North Shore.

As in all sports, there are always Winners - and the rest – and Saturday was no different. This year the Runners-Up were Jimmy Dunn, Dorothy Milson & Merv Malpas and the honours were taken by Garry Denley, Roy Parker & Sandy Cleghorn. Congratulations all round for a great day honouring a great Member.


The Badger

Communications Officer


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