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Last Tournament of 2022 to Honour a Past President.

The Ian Cowley Memorial Cup is played to honour one of our most respected Past Presidents, Ian Cowley, whose tenure was laced with good humour and an enormous amount of energy and carried the Club through some difficult times. Through his efforts the Club survived and has grown in strength in more recent years to become a thriving Community Sports Asset with a reputation for friendliness and contribution to North Harbour Club competitions and Tournaments.

Ian was always supportive of the notion that bowling should not only be a great sport, it should be fun, and to this end his Memorial Tournament is played in mixed gender format and Fancy Dress of one sort or another. This year they ranged from Christmas gear to Beach Haven “T” shirts via some grass skirts…….

Despite a very iffy forecast, the weather played ball while we played bowls for the prescribed number of games and ends, finishing just before the rain returned in earnest putting a dampner on a private party event scheduled for later in the day.

Tournaments such as this may be lighter hearted than some others, however the skills shown on the green were as sharp as would be seen anywhere and there were some close results in many games. After the final scores were tallied up it is worth recording that our President Roy Parker’s team of Shelley Wilson and Terry Henshaw were 3rd, Rick Markovina’s team of Di Mitchell and Ian Davis were 2nd and John Croy’s team of Richard & Eileen Ponting won the Day.

Some great fellowship, embroidered with one or two tall stories, completed the afternoon’s entertainment, which is just how Ian Cowley would have wanted it be. RIP Ian, you left a great legacy.


The Badger

Press & Publicity Officer


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