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Winter Upgrades Completed (Nearly!)

Well, here we are in October already, summer is approaching with not a bowl bowled – yet! However, your Executive is making the most of the time made available by the delay by completing tasks around the Clubhouse, both inside and out. Hopefully the 6th October will dawn at Level 2 which will give us an opportunity to open the Clubhouse to members provided we are all masked and observe social distancing.

If so, our first bowling event will Saturday 9th October – watch this space for further details.

Our Second Bowling event will be our usual weekly Club Night on Tuesday 12th October to which, as usual, we welcome VISITORS, NEW BOWLERS and anyone else who is screaming to get out of lockdown mode AND HAVE A COLD BEER OR A WINE AND SOME CONVERSATION AND FUN WITH PEOPLE OUTSIDE THEIR BUBBLE. This will, of course be subject to COVID Rules and we will be able to clarify this further by the middle of next week. We will also provide details on our Telephone Answer Service, our F/Book page and Website. See below for details

If you have not caught up with all President Roy’s Newsletters during the winter the Ladies Restroom upgrade has been completed, the hot water cylinder is closed in and shelved over, a large mirror and shelf fitted and the carpet laid in the Powder Room and all the tidy-up work is done.

The Island Kitchen Bench is now on site, lino is down in the Kitchen and the carpeted area in the Lounge is edged down around the Servery Area. The painting of all these areas is now completed.

At the other end of the Lounge the large new Skope chiller and the Red Bull chiller are now behind the Bar, greatly expanding the seating area available in the Lounge. Next winter will see the Bar Area extended to improve the working and storage space behind the counter.

Just today, your scribe visited the Club and found President Roy putting the finishing touches to a new paint job for the bus shelters on the western side of the green, which now look very sharp. The paving under the shelter on the eastern side has bedded in well and looks to be a great improvement.

The only planned project left from our job list for this year is the installation of the fibre connection for the phone line and its associated modem to provide a wi-fi service for the Clubhouse. Spark and Chorus have been somewhat lax in their fibre roll out to some subscribers and COVID restrictions have compounded the problem. The next date from Spark to get the fibre to our gate is the 6th of December, with the final installation into the Clubhouse now pushed into the new year. Please do not be surprised if this date gets changed……..

None of the above list of upgrades could have been completed without the participation of a team of our members, ably led by Terry Henshaw and President Roy. Well done guys, it is a great boost for the Club.


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